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Angels of Hope - a project created by Hope Media Group that helps each person on the planet become a part of the team that brings hope and salvation to the world through the media.
With the help of the financial involvement of Angels we can achieve the primary goal of Hope Media Group: to bring the message of Christ's love to people. We do not do commercial advertising, we do not get profit, but with the help of common efforts we can serve in this world and bring hope to people.
We reach out to our viewers and listeners through Satellite and Cable, Internet, Radio, Contact Center and Educational projects. We keep in touch with them all the time in order to support, pray and give them Hope.
We broadcast special editions - marathons of Angels of Hope televised live, there we share our results, speak about our needs, and most importantly – tell about people whose lives have been changed because of the Hope acquired, so you can learn more about us.
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