may, 2020
Happy Birthday Radio
«Voice of Hope»
May 17 marks exactly 25 years since the creation of the first Christian radio in Ukraine - Radio "Voice of Hope"!
Every day, without breaks and weekends, our presenters work for you. And by their work, during all this long time, they have inspired many hearts to become closer to the Lord.
Despite our respectable age, we have managed to do a lot in the last year:
• Seven live programs began to be broadcast;
• Added 2 more youth programs to the list of radio programs - "Siesta" and "In Time";
• Updated the main radio website;
• Conducted a training course for groups of radio workers from European countries.

We are happy that the Lord is giving us another wonderful tool to spread the word. And we sincerely congratulate the employees of Radio «Voice of Hope"!
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